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Cristiana Facchinetti


Cristiana Facchinetti is a psychoanalyst, with a degree in Psychology (1993), a master's degree in Psychoanalytic Theory (1996) and a doctorate in Psychoanalytic Theory (2001), all from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She did a Postdoctoral internship in History of Science and Health at Fiocruz (2006). She is currently a Researcher at the Research Department and a permanent Professor at the Post-Graduate Program in History of Science and Health, both at Casa de Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ); the professor is also in the Professional Master's Program in Psychosocial Care  (IPUB/ UFRJ) and a member of the History of Psychology Research Program Clio-Psyché (UERJ). She is a member of the Iberoamerican Network of History of Psychiatry, of the Iberoamerican Network of Researchers in the History of Psychology and of the Network in Transcultural Histories of Psychotherapies. She is the Brazilian coordinator of a Brazil-UK research project with Prof. Sonu Shamdasani in the history of psychotherapies, through an agreement between Fiocruz and University College London. She is an associate editor on the history of Psychoanalysis of the Revista Latinoamericana em Psicopatologia Fundamental, along with Prof. Marco Antonio Coutinho Jorge; and member of the editorial board of the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences. The Professor currently coordinates an extensive research on the history of the National Hospice for the Alienated, which focuses on the circulation of ideas and practices in what was the first specialized psychiatric institution in Latin America (CNPq). She also conducts research on the interconnections between Psychoanalysis, vanguards and artistic expressions developed in psychiatric institutions (1914-1953). 

Areas of interest in history: Psychoanalysis; Psychiatry; Art/literature and Psychological Knowledge.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CNPq research groups:
The physical, the mental and the moral in the history of medical and psychological knowledge (vice-leader) (FIOCRUZ)
Subjectivity and History (UERJ)

Research lines in the Program:
History of Medicine and Diseases

Research projects in the Program:
Discourses and Practices in Brazilian Psychiatry
History and subjectivity between the normal, abnormal and pathological

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